Resume Summary & Article Generation

Aspira AI Engine

Through real-life examples, tools, and techniques students will learn to reframe their personal journey into a powerful career narrative, turn adversity into positive career traits, and market themselves to employers.

Conveniently placed in the Right-hand corner of this page is our Resume Builder AI. We recommend drafting your responses to the following prompts prior to utilizing the AI Engine.

Each response should be at least 2-3 sentences long and include the most important and vital details you would want to the AI to accentuate and expand upon.


Once you’ve completed with your answers a member of our team will reach back out to you with your Personalized Summary based of your responses.


User Engagement Prompts

Prompt 1: Tell us what internship or job you’re interested in and why.

Prompt 2:  In 1-2 sentences tell us what impact you seek to create in this position.

Prompt 3: Describe 3-5 personality traits that are related to the position you’re applying to.

Prompt 4: How does your personal and career journey influence your decision to apply for this position?

Prompt 4 & 5: If someone isn’t able to answer prompt 4, then they answer prompt 5.

Prompt 5: Imagine the future: Visualize yourself in the position.  Describe in 2-3 sentences the impact you want to have, and the achievement you desire.
Prompt 6: List any awards or recognition you have received even if they may seem irrelevant to the job/career you are interested in.

Prompt 7: What position and company are you applying for and why?