Introvert Turned International Speaker

I do not strive to be a keynote speaker. I strive to speak from my heart. Each of us has our own story. Our struggles. Our victories. Our purpose. My purpose is to serve, encourage, and empower others. Ideals that have been passed on from generation to generation, redefined by my experiences, and cemented in my heart from the joy of triumphing over adversity.

Standard Keynotes

Discovery Call

30-90 minute live keynote

Unlimited attendees

Optional Q&A

Complimentary moderator support 

30-day access to recording of keynote

Keynote and content available in Spanish

Starting at: USD $12,500

Standard Programs

Discovery Call

Half-day or Full-day program

Up to 30 participants

Complimentary facilitator support

30-day access to recording of program

Program and content available in Spanish

Starting at: USD $17,500


Keynote Topics

(Keynote and content available in Spanish)

  • My Identity is My Superpower
  • Turning Adversity into Positive Leadership Traits
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Commanding Executive Presence
  • Unlocking Your Career Potential: Embracing Risks, Building Resilience
  • Authentic Leadership & Professional Branding: Crafting Your Path to Success


Navigating Cultural Scripts in the Corporate World for Career Success

In this professional development program, we explore the origins and impact of cultural scripts, both in our personal lives and professional journeys. Through engaging discussions, real-world examples, and interactive exercises participants will gain a deep understanding of how to overcome career limiting beliefs, embrace risk, reframe failure, and harness cultural wealth for career advancement.

Key Lessons

  • Increased awareness of how cultural scripts impact career growth within the corporate world
  • Strategies to challenge and overcome cultural limitations for individual and team success
  • Techniques to embrace risk and reframe failure
  • Insights into overcoming imposter syndrome and navigating your career journey
  • Best practices to building authentic networks and fostering inclusivity and collaboration in a corporate environment
  • Practical steps to leverage our cultural wealth for personal and professional development in the corporate setting

Aspira Leadership Accelerator con Sazón (ALAS)

What do you do if you’re given a leadership role, but you have no leadership experience?  Take the opportunity!  Designed and taught by our Chief Empowerment Officer, Oscar Garcia. Oscar helps you overcome self-doubt, career barriers, and blend your cultural identity to develop your leadership style.  Our ALAS Program is designed for those up to 10 years in their career.

Key Lessons

  • The 10-Steps to leading yourself and others
  • Develop self-awareness and identify your leadership style
  • Assess first.  Change second.
  • Create a vision and get buy-in
  • Lead with compassion and empathy
  • Create executive presence

G.R.I.T. (Ganas. Resilience. Intellect. Tenacity.) Program

As Latinos, we grew up hearing “Échale ganas!” (give your all)  Giving it our all isn’t the key to achieving career success.  Our G.R.I.T. program breaks down the four-key areas to achieving our goals:  Ganas, Reslience, Intellect, and Tenacity.  We apply a culturally relevant lens to each area.

Key Lessons

  • Redefine success
  • Overcome the 3 cultural barriers holding Latinos back
  • Take risks and building resilience
  • Turn “knowledge” from a noun to a verb
  • Be tenacious and practice self-care

Chingona Leadership Program

You are Chingona!  You’ve overcome many obstacles.  You’ve worked hard to achieve your career goals.  Yet, career growth is difficult to achieve or elusive.  Whether you’re early in your career or a C-level executive, the Chingona Leadership Program will empower you, so opportunities come to you.

Key Lessons

  • Embrace your journey and career story
  • Redefine professionalism by being your authentic self
  • Create a LinkedIn profile that attracts opportunities
  • Maximize and promote your career portfolio
  • Reframe networking to build your social capital

Oscar's presentation to our Latina Speakers and Coaches group was incredibly informative, engaging and filled with actionable steps our members can take.

Nancy Marmolejo Coach at Talent and Genius

Oscar is a passionate individual, visionary leader, and dynamic speaker! His zest for life and drive to empower others is impressive.

Melinda E. Ramirez Director of National Leadership Development Programs

Oscar’s keynote and Q&A session resonated and inspired us all. No doubt in my mind, Oscar Garcia is a proven leader and wonderful educator who positively shares meaningful stories and content that impacts student motivation and success. It motivates and inspires faculty, staff and our leadership.

Bill Davis Forbes School of Business & Technology, Lead Faculty/ Assistant Professor

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