Lived Experience Training

As minority professionals, our experiences and challenges are different; we are first-generation, bicultural, or multiracial.  We encounter the glass ceiling, lack of mentorship, bias, the opportunity gap, and many other obstacles.  

Our unique experience requires a professional development program that understands, feels, and lives our journey.  At Aspira Consulting, we provide lived experience training to help Latino professionals harness their cultural wealth, embrace their journey, and share their vulnerability to grow their influence and leadership skills.

At Aspira Consulting, we provide culturally relevant professional development programs that help us:

  1. Embrace Our Journey
  2. Value Our Identity
  3. Harness our cultural wealth

As a first-generation professional, Oscar Garcia has successfully overcome career pitfalls, blended his professional and bicultural identity, and today empowers you, so opportunities come to you.

Choose a topic from our curated list or customize your private session.

Corporate Private Sessions Include

Discovery Call

60 to 90-minute live session

Up to 200 attendees

Optional Q&A

Complimentary moderator support

30-day access to video recording

Sessions and content available in Spanish

Corporate Private Sessions start at USD $8,500

Oscar has worked with our ERG a few times and has always executed wonderfully. He is very passionate about what he does and it translates when he speaks. He kept our people engaged and motivated us all.

Stephanie Carlos Co-Chair at UNIDOS ERG Collobrative

We were privileged to invite Oscar Garcia to our Hispanic Heritage Month - 2021 celebrations here at Oracle. His experiences, anecdotes and authenticity were a true inspiration to many of our OLA, Oracle Latino Alliance, members. Gracias Hermano!

Jesse Betancourt Principal Territoy Operations Analyst at Oracle

I have greatly enjoyed attending Oscar's webinars. They are engaging, interactive and a good of use time.I would recommend his webinars for team activities and for bringing people together to work towards a common goal.

Jasjeet Jhaj Channel Operations Manager at Aruba Networks

Companies We’ve Delivered Training Include

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